Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Holy Cow!!!

Wow! What a day we had today!! When we started our chores it was 4 degrees outside! Even though we thought it was cold, we did an excellent job not complaining and helping to make sure all of our friends had n 2 pairs of socks and warm pants. Today was our 1st full day of doing farm chores, learning about the bovine cycle (from calf to heifer to cow), milking cows, feeding the calves, checking the maple syrup taps, shoveling snow and sledding!! Molly even let us name the new calf: Jean! We worked so hard and tried everything! We will switch chores tomorrow and hopefully, have some more time to play in the snow.


  1. Where’s Vanessa? Saw no pictures of her today.

  2. Check out our latest post! She gave a bottle to a baby cow like a pro!

  3. Wow, you guys are amazing! You could run your own farm! I love Ms. Cahill’s snow outfit !
    -Ms. Blechman