Friday, March 9, 2018

In Queens

we are in queens! We should be back by 6:00!
We’ve hit some traffic. Our new ETA is 6:30 but it looks like we will be hitting a bit more traffic. We will continue to keep you posted!

Headed home!

We are on the bus and headed back to NY! Our gps says we will arrive around 6:00 but we will try to update every few hours!

An amazing week

Fortunately for our parents, but unfortunately for us, our time on the farm is coming to a close. Today the Blue Crush finished our morning chores. First we fed the pigs and then made our way to the Dairy Barn. After feeding the heifers and dry cows, we then had to clean the barn one last time. Not a chore for the faint of heart. Breathe through your mouth and try your best to ignore the manure!

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Snow, snow and more snow!

The sky is still falling! Just kidding, but it hasn't stopped snowing since yesterday! That's some serious snow, which means some serious fun because we can sled down even bigger hills!

Blue Crush visited the Dairy barn this morning and evening. In the morning we let the cows out to 'recess' and cleaned their mats and stalls. In the evening we learned all about how Diary cows are milked and even got to milk them ourselves!

Snowshoe Hike continued!

Chores in the Snow

This morning, Gucci Grapes started at the cheese factory! We got to see how Springbrook Farm makes their cheese. Then our PM chores were to clean out the heifer barn. It was gross at first but we got used to it! Just like us, the heifers need a clean place to sleep, especially in this weather!

Blueberry Magic visits the Small Animal Barn!